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b. Chiefly British A small insignia worn over a army decoration indicating that it has been awarded yet another time.

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prisoners inside their cells b : to set aside : to not take into consideration : rule out did not bar the possibility of further measures c : to keep out : exclude —frequently made use of with from

a bar (to sth) A lack of formal education and learning doesn't have to be a bar to results in organization and politics.

: a place of leisure open up during the night time commonly serving meals and liquor and providing songs and Area for dancing and infrequently getting a flooring display nightclub

There is no convincing info accessible to advise that shiatsu is a successful treatment for just about any healthcare situation.[59]

2. a broad line or band. The blue substance experienced bars of crimson managing through it. streep خَط، شَريط лента barra pruh, páska der Strich stribe φαρδιά ρίγα barra, franja vööt خط پهن؛ قالب پهن palkki rayureמוט सलाख, शलाका pruga csík garis rönd, rák striscia 棒状のすじ 띠 juostelė, dryželis josla batang besi streepstripe, strimepasek پلنه كرښه barra dungă полоса pruh, pás proga linija strimma, band แถบ şerit 粗線條,帶 смуга ڈنڈا đường kẻ 带

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one : to maintain out : exclude can not bar the items from sale two click here : to avoid from undertaking or accomplishing (a thing) plaintiff's carry out may possibly bar her recovery the contract bars his reinstatement three : preclude: to be a : to act as a bar to (as being a assert or action) remaining judgment barred

Nightclubs are far more possible than pubs or sports bars to work with bouncers to screen potential clubgoers for entry. Some nightclub bouncers don't confess individuals with casual clothes or gang clothing as Section of a dress code. The busiest nights for your nightclub are Friday and Saturday night time. Most clubs or club evenings cater to specified new music genres, such as property new music or hip hop.

At times perplexed with force issue therapeutic massage,[ten] this consists of deactivating trigger details which will trigger community agony or refer discomfort along with other sensations, for example complications, in other elements of the human body. Manual pressure, vibration, injection, or other therapy is applied to these factors to relieve myofascial pain. Cause factors have been initially found and mapped by Janet G.

In Thailand, Thai massage is formally mentioned as one of several branches of standard Thai drugs, acknowledged and controlled by the government. It is actually considered to be a clinical self-discipline in its personal suitable and is also utilized for the therapy of numerous types of ailments and ailments.

bar complete, barye, microbar - absolutely the unit of tension equivalent to one dyne for every square centimeter

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